Caring for your fresh flowers

If you've been following along on my instagram, you may have noticed that I post about flower care tips occasionally. Whether you have a beautifully arranged centerpiece or a grocery store bouquet, you can apply some of the care tips and enjoy the gorgeous blooms for longer vase life.

​To make it easier for you, I've curated some care tips of commonly found blooms in your home or office. Looking for more tips? come follow me on instagram @yourstrulyflowers

Garden roses

garden roses - nyc delivery

These are relatively more pricey roses. Keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Before putting them in a vase, remove foliage below the water line and hydrate them well. Change water frequently and cut stems at an angle every 2-3 days. 

Roses/spray roses

flowers care -spray roses

They are relatively resilient our of water, making them very easy to care. Remove the foliage and give the stems a fresh cut every 2-3 days. For a more open look, fill your vase with warm water and gently blow into the center bloom to separate the petals. 


peony- bridal bouquet nyc delivery

Keep them away from heat. Remove any foliage below the waterline, change water and give the stems a fresh cut every 2- 3 days. Use flower food if necessary.


blue flowers- hydrangea- babyshowers

Hydrangeas love water. Make sure to hydrate them well before putting into a vase. Cut the stems 2-3cm on a sharp angle. You may fill your sink or a bucket with cool water, and hydrate them for an hour. Then put them in a vase full with water.


coral-pink flowers for weddings birthdays events

This beautiful flower resembles small garden roses with abundant layers of petals. Their delicate and curvy stems are prone to rot, so water level needs to be kept low.

Calla lily

Keep water level low, because their stems are prone to rot in deep water. Remove individual calla lilies as they fade, become droopy or develop mushy, slimy stems. Remember to replace the water often! 

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